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From horses and ponies to cats and dogs, Food4Animals provides complementary feed & grooming products of the highest quality at very competitive prices.



The best for your horses and pets

As a distributing company that serves both companies and private individuals we understand the importance of animal health and animal welfare. That is why we offer only safe, high quality products. Our customers are well aware of this. This is the reason why upmarket animal clinics, equestrian shops and blacksmiths choose Food4Animals.



Premium product

Our premium brand is Vitella Care Horse & Pet Care.

In association with LaVitella B.V., specialised in the development and production of complementary feed products for horses and ponies, we offer products of superior quality. The complementary feed and grooming products of Vitella Care Horse & Pet Care are cleverly balanced and composed  from all natural materials. Food4Animals offers these products at the best prices available.



Wide range for all animals

Food4Animals specialises in products for horses and pets, but also caters for cattle, poultry, sheep and pigs. We have a wide range of complementary feed and grooming products on offer as well as animal toys and products for stable, yard and field.



The service at food4animals

On our web site we provide information, dosages and compositions of all our products. Ordering is easy; our delivery is fast and accurate. Please contact us if are you looking for a product that does not seem available in our web shop. We are also happy to hear your suggestions, answer your questions or to give you our expert advice.



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